[Rhythmbox-devel] changing info


I'm trying to make the properties dialog entries editable using 
rb_node_set_property.  This is my first dip into the RB internals.

The INTERNALS file says:
"When you go into the song properties dialog and edit a song title,
you're really changing the RB_NODE_PROP_NAME of an RBNode.  If you
change the artist of an RBNode, it is reparented to the new artist
(and a new album is created if necessary)."

 From what I can tell this isn't happening.  The tree view column is 
updated but the property is not added to the filters and the sort isn't 
updated.  The sort gets updated after a restart of RB but the filters 
list doesn't.

It seems like this stuff gets configured, for new files at least, in 
rb-library.c.  I imagine one way to do this would be for a node to emit 
a properties changed signal that can invoke a callback in rb-library.

Does this make any sense?


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