[Rhythmbox-devel] a 0.5 buglet? (and a question :)

hi there,
i've just tried running rb with a newly created user account, and
therefore new home dir with no .gnome2/ or .gconf.  Doing this, when RB
starts, all the columns are visible, and going to the prefs shows them
all as disabled (they're unchecked).
seemed really weired, and would confuse new users, no doubt.  anyway,
selecting the columns that i actually did want, then restarting solved
the problem.

the question i'd like to ask is this:  now that .5 is out of the door,
are there any big new features that we can expect to play with in cvs
any time soon?
not that i'm not satisfied with the latest release, it kicks ass!! i'm
just curious... :D

thanks all...


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