[Rhythmbox-devel] Shuffle is really Random?


Great job on .5, it's a great release and the first one that's really
been rock solid for me.

I've been listening to music all day and I think I found a bug at worst,
a discrepancy at best. 

The shuffle checkbox doesn't shuffle, it randomizes. Some stereos
include both shuffle and random. Shuffle being "play everything
randomly, but don't repeat a song until you've gone through the ones you
haven't played" and random is just "play everything randomly repeating
songs too".

What is the intended behaviour? I would think that either shuffle should
be made to shuffle, or renamed random. How many people prefer shuffle to
random? and is it worth doing both? I haven't found anything in bugzilla
about this but I can file a bug if need be.

jorge o. castro <jorge@whiprush.org>

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