Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] some ideas...

On Sat, 2003-08-16 at 21:35, paul wrote:

> finally, something to do with the interface that i've posted before, but
> didn't get any feedback.  the icon on the volume widget should really be
> the same one that is specified in the users current gnome-icon-theme. 

OK. I'll take a look into doing this.

> it just makes sense to me for this to happen.  also, the volume widget
> should behave a lot more like the gnome-panel one. i.e drag the slider
> to the desired volume level, then when the mouse-button is release, hide
> the volume slider.  at the moment, it takes too many clicks to set the
> volume. 

Yeah, I tried to implement this, but it was a failure; for some reason
GTK+ refused to give up the pointer/keyboard grab.  If someone with a
bit more GTK+ experience could take a look at lib/widgets/rb-volume.c,
that'd be great :)

> thats it really.  i hope some of these points are useful for you.
> thanks for all your hard work on the's great!!


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