Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 0.5.0


Awesome work everyone.

On Sat, 2003-08-16 at 22:52, Colin Walters wrote:
> Hello,
> I am pleased to announce another release of Rhythmbox to the world.  For
> the impatient, here's a quick link to the source code:
> This is a very important release for several reasons:
> First of all, the netRhythmbox branch has been merged back into the
> Rhythmbox mainline.  It is always a good thing when a fork is resolved
> amicably.
> Secondly, a very large number of outstanding bugs have been quashed, and
> a number of new features have been added.  This release was a long time
> in the making, and we feel that it is quite solid and usable.  The code
> base is also cleaner in many respects, and I think this bodes quite well
> for the future.
> Thirdly, maintainership of Rhythmbox has switched hands again.  On
> behalf of the whole Rhythmbox team, I'd like to thank the previous
> maintainer, Jorn Baayen, for his great work on Rhythmbox.  His design
> influence can be seen in almost every part of the code.  Jorn has moved
> on to other things, and we wish him well at whatever he does next!  
> I am happy to be your new Rhythmbox coordinator/patch monkey.
> Finally, we have a redesigned website, for your viewing pleasure:
> So with all that out of the way, here are the changes in Rhythmbox
> 0.5.0:
> Overview of Changes in Rhythmbox 0.5.0
> ======================================
> * Merge with netRhythmbox [Colin Walters]
> * Revamped UI [Jorn Baayen, Colin Walters]
> * Monkey Media is merged into the Rhythmbox tree [Colin Walters]
> * Internet Radio support [Colin Walters]
> * Xine backend support [Jorn Baayen, Bastien Nocera]
> * Make MP3/Vorbis/FLAC support individually optional [Colin Walters, Bastien Nocera]
> * Initial Sound Juicer integration [Bob Smith]
> * Refactored node system (improved stability) [Colin Walters, Jorn Baayen]
> * Refactored source system [Colin Walters]
> * Ability to save playlists in .pls format [Colin Walters]
> * Startup druid [Colin Walters]
> * Dialog HIGification [Christian Neumair]
> * Context menu for Nautilus [Mark Humphreys, Yann Rouillard]
> * Song load failure dialog [Colin Walters]
> * Slightly improved RTL locale support [Colin Walters]
> * Save the library/playlists periodically [Colin Walters]
> * Work around broken id3v2 tags [Christophe Fergeau, Colin Walters]
> * Read FLAC metadata [Joshua Haberman]
> * INTERNALS documentation [Colin Walters]
> * Work around GtkTreeModelSort bug [Yann Rouillard]
> * Work around GtkTreeView bug [Kristian Rietveld, Colin Walters]
> * Initial multimedia keys support [Jan Arne Petersen]
> * New --print-playing and --print-playing-path cmdline args [Colin Walters]
> * Some playlist support [Colin Walters]
> * Display watch cursor during long operations [Colin Walters]
> * Updated .spec file [William Jon McCann]
> * Many many bugs fixed [Colin Walters, Jorn Baayen, Yann Rouillard, Kristian Rietveld,
>                         Bastien Nocera, James Kahn, Benjamin Otte, Sean Harshbarger,
> 			Christian Neumair, Carlos Perelló Marín, Christophe Fergeau,
> 			Mason Kidd, Jan Arne Petersen, Douglas McMorris, and many
> 			other people helped out, thank you all!]
> New or updated translations, according to ~/bin/
> Abel Cheung (zh_TW)
> Arman Aksoy (Armish) (tr)
> Artis Trops (lv)
> Christian Neumair (de)
> Christian Rose (sv)
> Christophe Merlet (RedFox) (fr)
> Duarte Loreto (pt)
> Evandro Fernandes Giovanini (pt_BR)
> Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
> Ge'ez Frontier Foundation (am)
> GNOME PL Team (pl)
> Hasbullah Bin Pit (ms)
> Hile Tuohela (fi)
> (jp)
> Kees van den Broek (nl)
> Kjartan Maraas (no)
> Kostas Papadimas (el)
> Luca Ferretti (it)
> Miloslav Trmac (cs)
> Nail Abdrahmanov (ru)
> pclouds (vi)
> Vital Khilko (be)
> Young-Ho, Cha (ko)
> Предраг Кртолица (sr)
Douglas McMorris <>

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