Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] PRErelease No more known blockers!

On Fri, 2003-08-15 at 16:33, Colin Walters wrote:
> Thanks to Kristian Rietveld for this prerelease; he tracked down 119797,
> our last known blocker for the 0.5.0 release!
> So I've cut another prerelease.  I know I always say to test this stuff,
> but really really test this one.  Besides the treeview fix, it does have
> some fairly largish changes to the threading system and to the status
> display caching.  But if all goes well, this will just be 0.5.0.
> As always, report any bugs you find to  Thanks!

Is there currently a bug filed on the weird song status refresh thing??
rating bug that is...

Other than that its great...

I do definitely think we should get as many "*good" iradio stations in
as we can because most users won't add ones if they are just playing
around with rb for the first time, and I (as well as the rest of us I
think) hope that we have more first time users of rb this release than
any prior release.

*good meaning good uptime and quality of audio... everyones taste are
different :)

great work everyone this release of rb is shaping up to be the best
music player gnome has ever had... and thats not just because its the
only music player gnome has ever had!!!

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