Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] features

Douglas McMorris a écrit :
>>I know this has been suggested before but here is my take on it.
>>3.  A "current playlist" list.
>>Reasoning:  Users can't currently browse the library without interupting 
>>what will play next.  If I wanted to just play one Genre and then 
>>continue browsing I can not safely do this as when the song changes it 
>>will play from where I have currently browsed to.
>>Suggestion:  Create an 'active playlist' pane/list that is placed on the 
>>right of the Rhythmbox window similar to the 'Source' list on the left.  
>>This playlist is operated by adding songs/selections/albums to it.  The 
>>user could either click on a ">>" type button that lies between the 
>>browser and the list to add the current selection, or through right 
>>clicking and choosing the context menu option.  Perhaps context menu 
>>options could also have 'queue next' and 'queue to end' options.  Also, 
>>d-n-d would be good too as it would allow users to put their 'selection' 
>>at any order in the 'active playlist'. When multiple songs (selections) 
>>are added  they appear in the 'active playlist' as a colapsed tree (with 
>>some title) that can be expanded to see the actual songs in it.
> I my opinion this would only confuse users.  It gives you two lists of songs
> and no matter how many labels or icons you put on it, the user will
> still think that most prominent one is the one which is playing.
> For me the current setup works fine, and the functionality is already
> there, just not automatic.  you can create a "Current Playlist" group
> and then play everything in there.. dnd new stuff in and out and such. 
> This setup makes more since to me.

When I used Xmms, I didn't use playlist so much, I prefered selecting 
songs according to my mood. So I had Xmms enqueue as default action for 
audio files and I browsed my mp3s directory with nautilus, double 
clicking on each song.
It's why I like the idea of an active playlist we could enqueue song in 
it but I agree it's a bit confusing. I thought about an "enqueue in the 
currently playing playlist" action in the context menu, with a 
preference setting to set this as the default double-click action.
It's true we can do this with drag'n drop but double clicking is more 

Well, I don't know if it is a common behaviour but this feature would at 
least please one guy :) !


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