Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Searching in playlist and library.... isthis the desired behavior??

On Fri, 2003-08-08 at 20:17, Douglas McMorris wrote:
> I built the cvs with the xine-backend finally and got it working... i've
> been doing some bug hunting and found something that (IMHO) is a bug...
> here it is.
> open up the library and do a search for a song title... guess what... it
> won't show up in the results!!! thats b/c its only looking at genres,
> ablums, and artist

This works fine here, and has for as long as I can remember.  Are you
sure it doesn't work for you?

> now make a playlist with multiple artist albums and do a search for an
> artist or an album and you get no results!!!

Yes, hm.  That would be a bug.  I really want to factor out all the
common functionality from RBLibrarySource and RBGroupSource into a base
class sometime soon...

> by the way, whats the proper way to make a patch file?? i've fixed this
> in my tree and would have made a patch file, but i'm new to open source
> dev tools... so any help would be apreciated.

diff -u oldfile newfile

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