Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Searching in playlist and library.... isthis the desired behavior??

On Fri, 2003-08-08 at 19:17, Douglas McMorris wrote:
> I built the cvs with the xine-backend finally and got it working... i've
> been doing some bug hunting and found something that (IMHO) is a bug...
> here it is.
> open up the library and do a search for a song title... guess what... it
> won't show up in the results!!! thats b/c its only looking at genres,
> ablums, and artist
> now make a playlist with multiple artist albums and do a search for an
> artist or an album and you get no results!!!
> looking at the code its DESIGNED this way it would appear.  is this
> supposed to be the desired behavior?
> by the way, whats the proper way to make a patch file?? i've fixed this
> in my tree and would have made a patch file, but i'm new to open source
> dev tools... so any help would be apreciated.
Well.... never speak too early, I looked at the source and it seemed
like an easy fix... but i didn't realize it would me giving
RBGroupSource access to RBLibrary->priv->db so... no patch from me, but
maybe someone with more experience in the code base can take a look...

the main problem is that RBGroupSource has no was to query all_artists
or all_albums in its group, and i'm not entirely sure how to do this
short of making the group a mini library would seems like it would be
too much over head... maybe i'm wrong here. Any ways, hacking on this
i've gotten way over my head in terms of knowledge of the codebase

I'll shoot for a smaller bug next time :)

> also, sry for not posting this to bugzilla, seems a simple q/a here and
> patch is simpler than bogging down bugzilla on a simple issue.
> thanks
Douglas McMorris <>

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