Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Future Goals

On Sat, Aug 02, 2003 at 06:50:10PM +0100, David Scotson wrote:
> The general concept for iTunes-iPod integration is that the iPod is the 
> end of the line and data only goes to the iPod, never getting read back 
> (apart from, possibly, track play counts).

What if I want to take some tunes from somebody elses ipod?  Is
this really not possible? 

> Basically every management function is controlled by iTunes and the 
> iPod is just a dumb player. One semi-exception is the ability to create 
> an on-the-go playlist on the iPod but these are wiped every time you 
> sync. Further, each iPod only talks with one copy of iTunes because, as 
> part of a minor sop to DRM, you have to pair your iPod with a single 
> computer so iTunes expects to find only what it has put on the iPod 
> with no songs or playlists added from elsewhere. If you plug it into a 
> different computer it will ask you if you want to pair and then proceed 
> to wipe the iPod if you say yes. Only a one-way sync is therefore 
> required for iTunes.

Wow, that is real shame if that is true.  I was hoping to be able
to take my ipod around with me and plug it into other machines to
swap music (I have done this between my gtkpod and a friends
ipod already but I guess that counts an being "officially" paired
with my friends mac).  

> For the sake of ease-of-use (and ease-of-programming) I would suggest 
> copying the pairing idea but instead of wiping the iPod when you pair 
> to a new machine, give the option to add the music to the new machine's 
> Library and allow read-only access to the iPod on non-paired machines.

Yes, this makes sense if what you say above is true... too bad :(

But presumably we can do more is the VFS layer implements full
read/write access the itunes DB without the pairing stuff.

sam clegg
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