Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Future Goals

My main goals are:
- code DOCUMENTATION (My goal is to have every non-static function documented)
- code cleanup (I don't want these "select (G_OBJECT_TYPE (node))" everywhere)
- port to GStreamer 0.7 to
- use GStreamer's new metadata stuff
- use GStreamer's new debugging
- playlist functionality rewrite
- make RPC interface more powerful
- write scripting apps

Of course this requires fixing GStreamer first so you'll have to wait before I 
start doing this.

Quoting Sean Harshbarger <>:

> I think what we need to do after this feature freeze, is discuss where
> we want rhythmbox to go.
> Some ideas I have heard for features include:
> Visualization.
> Burning of playlists to disc.
> Extracting audio tracks and inserting those into the RB library.
> Displaying album art (Like iTunes).
> I think what is best to do is try to figure out milestones for these
> features and go from there. One thing we should keep in mind is to not
> over bloat RB with needless features.
> Again, my 4 cents to the world.
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