[Rhythmbox-devel] Missing id3tag.h in current cvs.

I checked out the current rb cvs (rb and monkey-media merged) and get a
failure on compile because it can't find id3tag.h.  the config script
disables mp3 support when i run it unless i explicitly tell it to enable
it... i'm guessing b/c it can't find that file as well.. anyways, is
this supposed to be in gnome-vfs-devel or part of monkey-media?? is it
just missing from the cvs code right now??

Thanks for the help...

One of my two summer school classes just ended, so i'm gonna have a lot
more time and plan on spending some of it on rb.  My plans are to only
do bug fixes for now... thats the best way to learn/help the code base i

Then maybe play around with making a small view patch (not just hide the
playlist and browser).

Anyways, lets get this beast moving with some momentum... who knows,
maybe we can get a release with cd burning/ripping into gnome 2.6... but
thats a ways away.
Douglas McMorris <virage83@mail.utexas.edu>

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