Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox / Sound Juicer Integration

On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 21:12, Theodore Reed wrote:
> On 31 Jul 2003 17:02:30 -0400
> Sean Harshbarger <> wrote:
> > I think we need to focus on our feature freeze bugs before we get
> > into adding more. I think the Extract and Burn options should come
> > the same time. I would say, after this feature freeze, but also
> > say album cover display and id3 tags editing (If these are indeed
> > planned features).
> Album cover display? Seems to me that this would be at the bottom of
> list. It's not something that's likely to be useful to many people. I
> think tag editing, ripping and burning are much more important. Hell,
> support for Ogg FLAC is more important than cover display. Just GUI
> that. 

Yes I worded that wrong. Album art would be last on my list. Flac is a
good feature to work on before ripping and burning IMO.
> I vote for functionalness now, GUI sugar later. (I can't see myself
really taking
> the time to add the covers for all the albums I've ripped as it is. I
think lyric display
> would be more useful, but still even that would be very low priority.)

I do not see myself scanning in all my album art either, I just know
this was something mentioned to be added to the features list some time
ago. But, since I hear we are under new management, that might not be
the case anymore.

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