[Rhythmbox-devel] utf8 in net-rhythmbox-

Hi all:
can someone tell me if it is a bug I should report or a configuration
error on my part?

I have a lot of mp3 files with tags (Author/Title/...) with non-latin
symbols: all tags are in utf8 format (and I also use locale en_US.utf8).
Easytag and  xmms (after some effort) have no problem with it. However,
when I used net-rhythmbox (built myself on Mandrake 9.1), all
non-latin  symbols are unreadable: all tags are shown as if they were in
iso8859-1 encoding, so any two-byte utf8 char is shown as 2 symbols
(and, of course, completely unreadable - anyone wants a screenshot?)

Any tips?



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