[Rhythmbox-devel] Moving on to HEAD

Hi all

I've managed to unsubscribe myself somehow, so please forgive if any of
what I'm saying is repeated (or just rubbish). 

>The best approach in my opinion is to take the rb codebase, then copy
>over the "views" directory from netrb.  Rename it "sources".  Then
>create an abstract RBSource class that has all the duplicate
>functionality in each of the views, and make the old views inherit from
>this.  You'll probably want to copy over the preferences stuff from
>netrb too.  The iradio directory will need to be synced up.

How would 'sources' present themselves (both to the user and the application)?

Given appropriate guidance I can do some of the 'grunt' work if there is a need.

Mark H.


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