Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] utf8 in net-rhythmbox-

Since I listen to music in a lot of Russian, Latvian, Icelandic and
other obscure languages I researched this a while ago myself and it this
is a solution:
ID3 tags are expected to contain ISO-8859-1 symbols, so start easytag
like this:
LANG=C easytag&
then tag your files with special chars, they will be saved as iso88591.
RB will convert the iso88591 it finds in the tags to utf8 and display it


PS I've been hacking a bit at rb again, I have a holiday now and I am
planning to spend at least one or two days on it.

fre 2003-04-25 klockan 23.33 skrev Alexander Kirillov:
> Hi all:
> can someone tell me if it is a bug I should report or a configuration
> error on my part?
> I have a lot of mp3 files with tags (Author/Title/...) with non-latin
> symbols: all tags are in utf8 format (and I also use locale en_US.utf8).
> Easytag and  xmms (after some effort) have no problem with it. However,
> when I used net-rhythmbox (built myself on Mandrake 9.1), all
> non-latin  symbols are unreadable: all tags are shown as if they were in
> iso8859-1 encoding, so any two-byte utf8 char is shown as 2 symbols
> (and, of course, completely unreadable - anyone wants a screenshot?)
> Any tips?
> Best,
> Sasha
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