[Rhythmbox-devel] Lymric

Hey Chris,

I couldn't find an e-mail address for Alan so you
might forward this to him.

Someone just told me about lymric(.sf.net) and it looks
like an interesting project.

I thought that you might be intested to know that a few of us
are trying to get rhythmbox off the ground again. You can see
some of the discussions here:

And a proposal(unfinished) and some mockups that I've put together here:

I know that it's always fun to start from scratch ;) but the 
rhythmbox code is more than a year old and the library code
is very mature, and took quite a while to get right. We mostly
just need to implement the UI we settle on and fix internet
radio and audiocd support. Then we can move onto ripping, burning
smart playlists, tag editing and portable mp3 player support.

It may be impossible, but it'd be cool if we could all work together
and produce one really great gtk2 iTunes clone. We seem to have
almost identical goals. And for you, using the rhythmbox code could
have the benefit of springboarding past the boring bits relatively
quickly. There is a whole year of hacking gone in there, and you'd
be surprised how long it takes to get some of the large library
handling stuff right...

If you're interested I can fill you in more on the current state 
of development..



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