Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox interface

Il ven, 2002-11-22 alle 19:03, MArk Finlay ha scritto: 
> * Save groups while program is running - either after each change or at
> reqular intervals if anything has changed
Yeah, yeah! BTW, Library too.

> - we already have a sepporate audiocd player - it would be much better
> to have this functionality integrated into rhythmbox
> - ripping should NOT be dont through nautilus - ripping and burning
> integrated into file managers is simply wrong - you need a different
> interface for ripping and burning than you do for file management.
I agree. I agree. I agree. I agree. And.. oh... if I forgot, I agree. 

Konqueror make same... it sucks. A file manager isn't an application
developed for play and ripping CD: first there are some trouble in tag
editing (you should change individually), second place an "Import"
button is more simple then select and d'n'd. 

 A good example is grip. I hope rb'll be simple and complete as it.

IMHO we need only a "CD Audio" button in sidebar, an editable list (but
with header different from library/groups. I think not useful all
statistic info in cd view), and bottom an "Import in Library" button
(and seek scroller became a progressbar, or 2, one for all tracks, one
for current track). If you want just play CD you have play button in
toolbar, if you want rip you have a button in cd view.

I'll send a more complete main in advance.

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