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On Sat, 2002-11-23 at 07:03, Josh Hoyt wrote:
> Brainstorm about playlists:
> A playlist is just like an album, in that it's a list of songs along
> with an order. To me, it seems like the most intuitive interface is to
> be able to create new albums and add a song to as many albums as you
> want. The major drawback that I see to this is that there are albums
> that you can change and albums that you can't, like CDs.

Yeah, this occured to me as well. Technically this would be easy to do,
but I think it could be a source of confusion: we're mixing two concepts
here, albums and user-defined lists. Plus, user defined lists can get
very long, for example you might want a list with several artists
grouped together. This wouldn't fit very well with the album model.

> Then the sidebar can go away and library browsing is also playlist
> browsing.
> I like the idea of a play queue. The play queue makes sure that there's
> no ambiguity about what's playing and what's next to play. You can add a
> single song or an "album" to the queue, in order or randomized. The
> queue can be called "the playlist" since what we've been calling
> playlists are now called albums in my proposal. I'm not sure how the
> interface should look, since four list boxes in one window (playlist,
> artist, albums, track list) is not easy on the eyes.


> The playlist would act like an album, except that once a song was
> played, it would leave the album, unless repeat was turned on. that
> seems kind of crack, an album where songs dissapear, but it would make
> the interface more consistent, not needing a special place for the
> queue.

The queue definetely shouldn't be mixed with the rest; it reall yshould
be a separate view I think. But yeah, I agree about songs leaving the
list when played.

> Non-playlist related, it would be nice to be able to select songs by
> other criteria, such as Least-Recently-Used or all songs that I gave 5
> stars. Or all songs whose source file has a certain emblem in nautilus.

Yep, stuff like this will be implemented :)

> Hopefully, more signal than noise...


> Josh
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