[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: [Usability]rhythmbox interface

Jorn Baayen wrote:
> Hi,
> The current Rhythmbox interface isn't very good, and we've been thinking
> about improving it, but it's hard. So some input from you guys would
> rule.
> Current interface, with it's problems:
> ======================================
> To begin with, for the people who have never run rb here is a
> screenshot:
> http://nl.linux.org/~jorn/Files/ff.png

Just a few notes jotted down while looking at the screenshot:

- Organize menu 1st item, why? should be after View or Music;
- no File menu? (to load/save playlists, add whole directories to 
current playlist etc.) unless that's what the Organize menu does, in the 
which case you should rename it;
- navigation tools, audio control and search field should belong to the
same toolbar;
- said toolbar should have a handle and should be clearly distinct from
song title + progress bar;
- song played and song progress slider should be on the same ideal line 
- sidebar should have a title;
- what's the purpose of Album/All?

Not much that I can add without trying RB (will download it).

> As you can see, there is a sidebar, which allows you to switch between
> different views. This has a lot of problems:
> 1. The interface changes when clicking a button in the sidebar, just
> like Evolution. My opinion is that it sucks, badly. I tend to remember
> where items are in the menus, and if they get messed up all the time, I
> get confused.

I agree 100%. Menus shouldn't change.

> 2. The toolbar with the playback controls and the area with the
> currently playing information are static; they don't change when
> switching between views, and act on the playing view. This is really,
> really confusing. Even though I wrote it, I still find myself being
> dizzy when using it. (Just hiding these wouldnt work either: because it
> still is playing. Or stopping playback is not an option either, since
> you may just want to browse your playlists or do some organization.)

Can't you hide all playback controls while in playlist organizing view, 
and pop them up (at the same time hiding all organizing info) when in 
playback view?

> 3. It's not obvious how to add songs to groups/playlists. (Right now you
> have to dnd songs from the lib to the sidebar button, or use C&P)

Is simple (multi)file selection with a requester possible? You could 
have a temporary list of files in the middle selected with a normal 
requester, and then organise them by dragging and dropping to different 
playlists hosted in the sidebar.

> 4. Users cannot specify what song to play after the current one.
> Playlists are not enough here; if you are playing from the library, you
> want to be able to say which song is to play next.

I really have to try this thing ;)

> Things we have now, that will probably be moved out:
> ====================================================
> 1. Audio CD. Got this in because we had the views stuff, but it prolly
> belongs in a separate app. [For ripping we would ideally have nautilus
> support browsing audiocds, and support copying oggs off it]
> 2. Internet radio. Same as above.
> 3. The sidebar :)

Hmmm... the idea of a complete music solution for GNOME was quite 
appealing, why remove CD and Internet radio support?


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