Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox interface

Il ven, 2002-11-22 alle 20:39, Jorn Baayen ha scritto:
> > > 
> > mmmhh, groups or playlist should be reorderable, library don't (or just
> > form title, artist, time... list header), isn't it? 
> Yeah. But we need some way to queue up songs as well, so if oyu are
> playing a song from the library, and you feel like hearing a certain
> song after, it should be possible to do that. Not sure how though.

You can already do it! Personally I wait song end searching wished song
in list, then double click, then "clear" search to have all songs
available ;-) 

Sorry, as you can see this isn't a trouble for me, so I don't understand
well :-(

> Yes, kind of. Have a look at
> This one is a lot cleaner
> IMHO; thanks to Andrew Higginbottom. It has problems though; the
> dropdowns wont work if you have lots of artists/albums, and whole
> artist/album dnd wont work anymore.

Not sure, just png-felling, but use dropdown in browser seems less
usable then actual, expecially 'cause you don't have an header. But,
yeah, you use less space.

> I think having playlists in the main sidebar would be better, and it
> will be no problem when we use a normal list.

I agree. Real big trouble in sidebar is if you have a lot of playlist,
it became "unreadable", besides big icons are cool. Do you mean
something like iTunes, isn't it? BTW: usability team dislike sidebar:-(

> > and, finally, something like a file selector using library order... but
> > it's too much expensive.... 
> Yeah.. but these are still not attacking the fundamental problem.

I know:-) OK, I'll ride my personal Gundam Mobile Suit and blame it
whit Mega Bazooka!

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