[Rhythmbox-devel] internet radio ready for merge after next release

Hey all,

Well, I thought I'd let you all know that I think internet radio is
about ready to be merged after the next release of Rhythmbox, so we can
target it for the release after that.  The code's still a bit rough
around the edges, especially in the error handling department.

Major outstanding bugs I know about and am going to fix soon:

* it doesn't automatically get lists of new stations yet or anything,
but it does have a working dialog for manually adding new stations.
* saving the list of stations doesn't work; rb will segfault on next
* metadata doesn't fully work with some internet radio stations; i think
this is actually a libxml bug.
* rhythmbox can get unhappy sometimes if you double-click to play
another station while one is already playing
* more stuff i can't think of right now because i am sleepy :)

For people interested in playing with my current codebase, it's
available via rsync:

rsync -av verbum.org::walters-files/rhythmbox-IRADIO /path/to/dir

Have fun!

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