Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox interface

On Fri, 2002-11-22 at 11:26, Colin Walters wrote:
> I don't really agree with putting stuff in a separate app.  First, I
> don't want to have to reimplement stuff like visualization.  Second,
> Rhythmbox offers lots of possibilities for integration, because it's
> dedicated to music, as opposed to nautilus. For example, both CD and
> iradio could make use of playlists. Even though conceptually an iradio
> song never ends, it would still be a nice way to organize your music. 
> Especially if we get something like "vplaylists", like iTunes has.  I
> think it would be very useful to rate my internet radio stations, and
> then have a vplaylist which just shows me the 4 and 5 star songs, etc.

I think that there is a good thought in here.  Internet radio can be
made quite similar to a playlist.  I have recently been playing with
streamripper(, a program for saving
internet radio streams to disk as individual mp3 files.  I made a few
changes so that whenever it starts ripping a new song it also enqueues
it in xmms.  This makes internet radio work like TV with Tivo.  You can
pause the stream or skip a song that you don't want to hear.  This would
also make it possible to blacklist songs you dislike or save your
favorite songs to the library or to cd.  It only works for streams with
metadata, but I think it is a good example of the kind of things that
integration would allow.  It would also allow the interface for internet
radio to look just like the one for the queue.  

Andy Hanton

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