libhandy 0.84.0


- HdyHeaderGroup:
  - Replace GtkHeaderBar as the child type by HdyHeaderGroupChild, and
    adjust the matching accessors. HdyHeaderGroupChild can hold a
    GtkHeaderBar, a HdyHeaderBar, and a HdyHeaderGroup, allowing to nest
    header groups.
  - Replace the 'focus' property by the 'decorate-all' property.
  - Add the update-decoration-layouts signal, used when nesting header
- HdyHeaderBar:
  - Slight size request fix.
- Use the window node's radius instead of the decoration node's one to
  mask HdyWindow and HdyApplicationWindow.
- Make HdyAvatar, HdyHeaderGroup, HdySqueezer, HdyViewSwitcher,
  HdyViewSwitcherBar, HdyViewSwitcherTitle, and HdyWindowHandle final.
- Replace usage of (allow-none) by (nullable) or (optional).
- Translation updates:
  - Ukrainian

======== (345K)
  sha256sum: c05c539f96f91cdf29a07320576c74909fcf77d216d7328e602fe16599f561aa

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