glade 3.37.0


        - Build: Remove autotools (Iñigo Martínez)
        - Plugins: Added GJS plugin for JavaScript objects support (NEW gjs-1.0 dependency)
        - Issue #433: Implement survey using new backend at
        - Bump GTK dependency and toolkit target to 3.24
        - Webkit plugin: bump dependency to 2.28
        - Build: use gtk-mac-integration only when creating bundle (Tom Schoonjans)
        - Ignore locale when saving numeric values (Alberto Fanjul)
        - Remove config for external builds (Alberto Fanjul)
        - Associate application/x-gtk-builder with glade's .desktop file (Caolán McNamara)
        - GladeProjectProperties: improve toolkit target version selection
        - Python plugin: fix linking error
        - Plugins: Added GJS plugin for JavaScript objects support
        - Tests: add python and javascript test case
        - gtk: Add GtkScrolledWindow propagate-natural-width property (Corentin Noël)
        - GladeScrolledWindowEditor: Squeeze width/height properties in two columns
        - Gtk plugin: add missing displayable values
        - Webkit2gtk plugin: add missing displayable values and sandbox web view
        - Issue #412: Fix inconsistent "top-level", "top level", "toplevel" spelling in translatable strings
        - Issue #281: GladeProperty: Do not replace - with _
        - Issue #389: GladeProject: show message on invalid GtkBuilder file
        - Issue #446: GladeGtkListBox: fix size request issue
        - Issue #432: GladeStandarStock, GladeStandarStockImage: fix get_type() functions for introspection
        - dtd: Make init-function an element, not an attribute (Adrien Plazas)
        - Issue #447: GladeGtkWindow: Fix CSD support
        - Issue #456: Utils: use g_param_spec_uchar() for uchar types
        - Gtk plugin / GladeDataModel: Improve treemodel char data type handling
        - Issue #459: Gtk catalog: add GtkRecentChooserMenu to Display group
        - Fixed all compiler/gir warnings

Added/updated translations

        - de, courtesy of Tim Sabsch
        - es, courtesy of Daniel Mustieles
        - fr, courtesy of Charles Monzat
        - id, courtesy of Kukuh Syafaat
        - kk, courtesy of Baurzhan Muftakhidinov
        - lt, courtesy of Aurimas Černius
        - pl, courtesy of Piotr Drąg
        - pt_BR, courtesy of Rafael Fontenelle
        - ro, courtesy of Florentina Mușat
        - tr, courtesy of Emin Tufan Çetin
        - uk, courtesy of Yuri Chornoivan

======== (2.53M)
  sha256sum: 80723ae6758bebf6ec1145609e3a659e0f671aae1c2b964f07742250f3e3140e

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