gnome-builder 3.26.4


Changes since last release:

 • A number of correctness and memory leaks were fixed in the
   semantic highlighter, project tree, clang, rustup, vala-pack,
   code-index, config manager and configs, and git.
 • The meson plugin now uses "meson" "introspect" instead of the
   legacy "mesonintrospect" utility.
 • Fixes for deprecated API usage in Gtk+.
 • Block selection has been fixed in the terminal plugin.
 • Postbuild support in configurations was fixed to no longer
   run prebuild commands a second time.
 • The flatpak plugin now passes --command to build-finish. This
   fixes an issue where the wrong binary would get activated when
   exporting a project.
 • Fixes for -Wincompatible-pointer-type changes from recently
   upstreamed type propagation in g_object_ref().

Updated Translations:


It is recommended that all distributions update to this release.

======== (8.23M)
  sha256sum: ff9f31c572ae86c3eb34993e2e023b4202176e92ed80494c7f187c99f4cf71ac

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