libdazzle 3.26.3


Changes in this release:

 • A number of fixes to DzlSignalGroup to be more re-entrant safe
   and handle disposal cycles better.
 • DzlPreferences is more aggressive about protecting against
   widget disposal.
 • A static inline dzl_clear_signal_handler() was backported for
   use in other backports from master.
 • A number of protections were added to DzlDirectoryReaper to
   protect against potentially following through symlinks.
 • Max age in DzlDirectoryReaper was changed to always ensure
   a positive value for use in date comparisons.
 • A leak of GFile instances in the directory reaper was fixed.

It's recommended that all distributions update to this release.

======== (395K)
  sha256sum: 21769ec819ace347075c768f7e17972b2c020d3b5d92097e6e62337e8c056caa

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