gjs 1.51.4


- We welcomed code and documentation from several new contributors in this

- GJS will now log a warning when a GObject is accessed in Javascript code
  after the underlying object has been freed in C. (This used to work most of
  the time, but crash unpredictably.) We now prevent this situation which, is
  usually caused by a memory management bug in the underlying C library.

- APIs exposed through GObject Introspection that use the GdkAtom type are now
  usable from Javascript. Previously these did not work. On the Javascript side,
  a GdkAtom translates to a string, so there is no Gdk.Atom type that you can
  access. The special atom GDK_NONE translates to null in Javascript, and there
  is also no Gdk.NONE constant.

- The GitLab CI tasks have continued to gradually become more and more

- Closed bugs and merge requests:

  * Add checks for GObjects that have been finalized [#21, #23, !22, !27, Marco
  * Fail static analyzer if new warnings are found [!24, Claudio André]
  * Run code coverage on GitLab [!20, Claudio André]
  * Amend gtk.js and add gtk-application.js with suggestion [!32, Andy Holmes]
  * Improve GdkAtom support that is blocking clipboard APIs [#14, !29, makepost]
  * Test "Cairo context has methods when created from a C function" fails [#27,
    !35, Valentín Barros]
  * Various CI improvements [#6, !26, !34, Claudio André]
  * Various maintenance [!23, !36, Philip Chimento]

Version 1.51.3

- This release was made from an earlier state of master, before a breaking
  change was merged, while we decide whether to revert that change or not.

- Closed bugs and merge requests:

  * CI improvements on GitLab [!14, !15, !19, Claudio André]
  * Fix CI build on Ubuntu [#16, !18, !21, Claudio André, Philip Chimento]

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gjs/1.51/gjs-1.51.4.tar.xz (581K)
  sha256sum: f5615dd2804e8b9d4c80a5967a37b1137499ae9805d01f2b56aaf5c920cbbc1c

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