Re: Release scripts ready for 3.27.3 - Quick HOWTO

On Thu, 2017-11-30 at 17:15 +0000, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
    So this week I ploughed through this script
and I believe it's the last piece we are depending specifically on
jhbuild for.

So I did end up documenting how I did the 3.27.2 release here[0], but
as things have changed in this particular regard I'll lay out an
outline for Matthias's sake since he will be doing the release next
week I believe - I will be in Montreal time and should be available and
reachable during the week.

So, to make the 3.27.3 release, just completely disregard the jhbuild
modulesets, and start by cloning the read-only converted set of
modulesets, and then run the conversion, as such:

$ git clone
$ git clone git://
$ mkdir 3.27.3
$ cd 3.27.3
$ ../releng/smoketesting/ \
             -v 3.27.3
             -t tarballs/
             -c ../releng/smoketesting/tarball-conversion.config
             -d ../gnome-modulesets

Correction, use `` directly, after chatting on
IRC I realized that all stable releases for 3.26 are already done, so
instead of adding the script on the side, we've just overwritten the
original directly.


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