NetworkManager 1.9.90


Overview of changes since NetworkManager-1.8

This is a new stable release of NetworkManager.  Notable changes include:

* NetworkManager includes now basic OpenVSwitch support, good enough
    to be capable of setting up simple OpenVSwitch configurations.
* Added support for activating PPP connections on non-Ethernet
* It is now possible to authenticate to a Wi-Fi network using WPS
    (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).
* Implemented support for Wi-Fi PMF (Protected Management Frames,
    802.11w), which can be configured via the wifi-sec.pmf property.
* Now the maximum rate of wireless access points supporting 802.11 is
    properly calculated and exposed on D-Bus.
* Background scanning is now disabled for non-WPA-Enterprise Wi-Fi
* Added support for the Bluetooth NAP (Network Access Point) profile.
* Added support for disabling connectivity checking via the D-Bus
* The internal DHCP client now understands the domain-search option
* Bridge connections support the group-forward-mask property.
* NetworkManager can now configure multiple IPv6 default routes
    received through RA and each gets configured with the announced
* It is possible to specify the routing table for each static route.
* Support specifying a explicit routing table for any non-static-route,
    including routes from DHCP, device-routes, IPv6 autoconf.
* Device are left configured when a user sets them as unmanaged by
* New connection.auth-retry property to configure how often authentication
    is prompted before failing the configuration.
* The platform code that handles synchronization with kernel status
    via netlink has been reworked and is more efficient.
* Allowed the update of connections that have an associated ifcfg-rh
  routing rules file.
* Improve bash completion for nmcli.
* Non-UTF8 properties are now escaped when they are exported on D-Bus.
* NetworkManager-wait-online.service now starts NetworkManager.service
    if needed.
* The MAC address for bond connections can be changed in nmtui.
* Fixed dependency problems when setting the MTU of VLAN and master
* The systemd-resolved DNS plugin properly handles the DNS priority
* Fixed setting a DHCP timeout greater than 60 seconds (dhclient).
* Fixed some memory leaks.
* Many other bug fixes and improvements.

======== (3.68M)
  sha256sum: 2745e13059bb04aa2b8bdd25f48c860cca80b6f25e11af0add564c931cb7ac95

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