sound-juicer 3.23.90

About Sound Juicer

A lean and friendly audio CD extractor for GNOME


* Follow symbolic links when extracting tracks (Phillip Wood)
* Use dbus application launching (Phillip Wood)
* Change application id to org.gnome.SoundJuicer (Phillip Wood)
* Update Appdata file (Phillip Wood)
* Drop gnome-common dependency (Phillip Wood)
* Fix compiler warnings (Phillip Wood)
* Add --enable--appstream-util to DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS (Phillip Wood)
* Replace call to deprecated functions (Phillip Wood)
* Remove deprecated widgets (Phillip Wood)

======== (995K)
  sha256sum: bf627a70282aedea293a410b80ef76285b96389ece36279036d0044f60c4147b

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