aravis 0.5.7


  * usb3vision: Ximea camera support (Steve)
  * usb3vision: TheImagingSource camera support (emmanuel)
  * usb3vision: Bandwith control (Steve)
  * usb3vision: USB endpoint detection improvments (Steve, Emmanuel)
  * fake_camera: miscellaneous fixes (Michael)
  * genicam: raw data support (Steve)
  * camera: multiframe acquisition mode (Lee)
  * camera: extension of the trigger API (Steve)
  * gigevision: instantiation by IP address or hostname (Blaz, Arkadius)
  * build: fix compilation with old glib (Blaz)
  * build: intructions and compilation fix for OSX (Christoffer, Fernando)
  * build: Travis and Coverity support on github (Emmanuel)

======== (502K)
  sha256sum: 11a95dfdaf2be8f69d4e790d4fca5871b0b8692ac060d78cfd24e6fe9f3a813a

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