Re: Fwd: UI freeze exception


On Thu, 2017-08-24 at 19:27 +0100, Alexandru Pandelea wrote:
This summer we have worked on implementing favorite files in
Nautilus, using the nao:predefined-tag-favorite tag to store this
information in the Tracker database.

The UI added consists of a new item in the sidebar, called 'Starred'
which shows the favorite files. This sidebar item will also be
visible in the filechooser. Apart from this, a new column has been
added in the list view, which shows a star for which row that can be
toggled to make/unmake files favorite. Also, for the canvas view, or
to star/unstar multiple files at once, an action was added in the
context menu. 

This are the bugs with the code related to this changes:

Here are screenshots of how the new UI looks like:

We tested this new changes and though there are minor changes to be
made, this feature works well and it is also expected by users, so
this is why I believe it should be included in this release.

As UI and feature freeze were 17 days ago and as we are also past
string freeze (your proposed changes also contain new strings) and as
we're talking about more than 2000 lines of code here, I will not give
my release-team approval. It feels too late for 3.26. 
I'm aware that the GSoC and Outreachy schedules only provide a short
integration time window and that this can be demotivating when you have
to wait six months longer until your changes are available to users. 
Having stability in mind, I would prefer if these changes received
broader testing and I'd also like to allow those "minor changes" you
mention to be incorporated (in early 3.27.x).
I'm looking forward to seeing this functionality included in 3.28.

Other r-t members are free to have different opinions of course. :)

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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