Fwd: UI freeze exception


This summer we have worked on implementing favorite files in Nautilus, using the nao:predefined-tag-favorite tag to store this information in the Tracker database.

The UI added consists of a new item in the sidebar, called 'Starred' which shows the favorite files. This sidebar item will also be visible in the filechooser. Apart from this, a new column has been added in the list view, which shows a star for which row that can be toggled to make/unmake files favorite. Also, for the canvas view, or to star/unstar multiple files at once, an action was added in the context menu. 

Here are screenshots of how the new UI looks like:

Inline images 1
Inline images 3
Inline images 2

We tested this new changes and though there are minor changes to be made, this feature works well and it is also expected by users, so this is why I believe it should be included in this release.

Alexandru Pandelea

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