Re: Warning about gnome-system-monitor and gtkmm-3

On Tue, 2016-11-22 at 13:45 -0600, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
 * Hacked graphene to use an older release and to switch back to
 * Disabled inclusion of GTK+ 4 due to the graphene problem.

I too had to use the autotools build. Ubuntu doesn't have a new enough
meson, though, of course, I could have installed meson from source.

However, building GTK+ now gives me this error:

Variable 'exec_prefix' not defined in


Hopefully we can get *mm releases before 3.23.3 to resolve this. CC
Murray for this: everything you have in JHBuild looks great for
from git -- thanks for taking care of that! -- but without release
tarballs it's a real mess for our release process.

I don't really understand how the lack of a gtkmm-4.0 tarball
interferes with the build seeing as nothing uses gtkmm-4.0 yet. But
anyway, I'm trying to do the tarball releases now.

Thanks for what I'm sure is lots of cat herding.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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