Re: Warning about gnome-system-monitor and gtkmm-3

On Mon, 2016-11-21 at 21:34 -0600, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
Right now gnome-system-monitor depends on gtkmm-3, which we do not
have in our releases because there has been no gtkmm-4 tarball
yet, so I've left the gtkmm module and the rest of the *mm universe
using their original names in tarball-conversion for now. In the
meantime, *the jhbuild moduleset has to be hand-edited before release
to change the dependency from gtkmm-3 to plain gtkmm.*

OK, I have 3.23.2 ready. It required too many hacks to our JHBuild
modulesets, for (a) graphene and (b) the *mm universe:

Hacks for graphene:

 * Hacked graphene to use an older release and to switch back to
 * Disabled inclusion of GTK+ 4 due to the graphene problem.

Emmanuele is going to take care of this, so it should be solved for
3.23.3. It's a bit unfortunate that this transitively took out GTK+ 4
due to a high graphene version requirement there, but I think it's not
a big problem; nothing depends on GTK+ 4 yet and we can still announce
and promote GTK+ 3.89.1 separately.

Hacks for gtkmm:

 * Hacked gnome-system-monitor to depend on gtkmm instead of gtkmm-3
 * Hacked gtkmm to depend on gtk+-3 instead of gtk+.
 * Hacked cairomm: removed cairomm-1.0 and modified cairomm to use it

Hopefully we can get *mm releases before 3.23.3 to resolve this. CC
Murray for this: everything you have in JHBuild looks great for builds
from git -- thanks for taking care of that! -- but without release
tarballs it's a real mess for our release process.

Lastly: currently we have three broken modules: gitg, nemiver, and
osinfo-db. I mailed the nemiver maintainer one last time; I'm just
going to drop it if we get no response before 3.23.3 as this is not the
first time I've mailed about it. gitg is just a srcdir != builddir
problem with; I've mailed the maintainer and expect it will
get fixed soon. osinfo-db is trickier. I'm talking to Zeeshan about
that but we don't know what to do yet. The tarball does not even have a
Makefile and it's not clear to me what its purpose in JHBuild even is.
I'm doing 3.23.3 as well and my goal is zero broken modules by then, so
this is our biggest problem right now.


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