Re: Moduleset review

On Wed, 2016-01-06 at 13:00 -0500, Matthias Clasen wrote:
In the 3.20 modulesets, gnome-control-center has a dependency on
There are some connection/device types for which we launch
nm-connection-editor. This is just a runtime dependency, and the code
seems to handle the absence of the binary ok, but maybe this should
stay around for now.


Yes, gnome-packagekit can go. Not sure gnome-software really needs to
go into core, but ok.

If gnome-software is not a core app, then what would be a core app? Do
you not agree with Allan's proposed moduleset definitions? Under this
proposal, leaving gnome-software out of core would be to recommend that
downstreams not install it, and would imply that gnome-software be
modified to allow uninstalling itself... hence I think it clearly
belongs in core.

We should be a bit careful about the language of
'promoting'/'dropping' though - I don't think we want to imply a
judgment here, beyond close alignment with the guidelines for core

Good point. Let's talk about "moving" then.

 * gedit (renamed to Text Editor in the desktop file)

When we last discussed this with the gedit team, they didn't want to
go the 'nameless core app' route.


Hence my point that core apps should be allowed to use whatever
branding they want in the About dialog.

In my experience, the higher-level groupings in bugzilla only ever get
in the way, and a flat list of all modules would be much better (at
least for my workflows).

Yeah, that's true....


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