libsoup 2.53.90 bootstrapping

Dear Dan,

As usual, I am busy preparing all the openSUSE Packages for the latest
GNOME packages (resulting, again, in the LIVE ISO we generally made
available for showcasing the latest GNOME versions).

While updating libsoup to version 2.53.90, I have seen that the
localization files have all been installed to the directory:


(with @DATADIRNAME@ being lieteral, not substituted)

I recalled that this was an iisue in a bunch of other packages a while
back, with the update to intltool 0.51.

It seems that the machine you used to bootstrap libsoup is running an
older version of intltool, thus resulting in this issue.

Users installing manually might be less aware of the side effect than
packagers. (we have file lists showing such weird things)

Can you please arrange / ensure that the future tarballs are
bootstrapped with intltool 0.51+ ?

Best regards,

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