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On Wed, 2015-02-18 at 16:13 -0500, Ryan Lortie wrote:
On Wed, Feb 18, 2015, at 12:20, David King wrote:
I am a maintainer of gnome-common and autoconf-archive in Fedora. The 
current solution is to exclude the gnome-common versions of the M4 
macros from being installed and for gnome-common to depend on 
autoconf-archive for those macros. This is not a long-term option, as it 
is easy for the macros to get out-of-sync.

From a distribution point of view, m4-common sounds like more of a pain 
than gnome-common has become, and I do not look forward to trying to 
drag it through a package review (for a distribution where 
autoconf-archive is already packaged).

After a bit more research today I think I've come up with a pretty
reasonable solution.

Each module should include:


in (as is already recommended by libtoolize).

Then you should run 'aclocal -i' as part of your

Sounds reasonable to me. Would you mind updating the migration guide?

I guess m4-common should also include a README which documents this,
plus the reason for m4-common existing as a way to centralise
downloading of the autoconf-archive macros we use.

This will copy any autoconf-archive macros that you are using into your
m4/ directory and include them in the tarball.  This removes any
potential distribution headaches and means that we never have to dist a
m4-common tarball, either.

Would it also be worthwhile adding a dist-hook which causes dist to fail
for m4-common, to make this really obvious?

It's worth noting that as of a patch in September 2012, 'autoreconf -i'
will automatically call 'aclocal -i' as well, but autoconf hasn't been
released since April 2012, so that doesn't do us a lot of good at

Nope, doesn’t do us any good, but is encouraging.


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