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On 2015-02-18 10:03, Ryan Lortie <desrt desrt ca> wrote:
This solution is not without its own set of potential problems.  From a
distribution standpoint, there are now two packages (m4-common and
autoconf-archive) that install some of the same files into
/usr/share/aclocal.  Sometimes those files may have different content.
Figuring out how to deal with this may be non-trivial.

I am a maintainer of gnome-common and autoconf-archive in Fedora. The current solution is to exclude the gnome-common versions of the M4 macros from being installed and for gnome-common to depend on autoconf-archive for those macros. This is not a long-term option, as it is easy for the macros to get out-of-sync.

From a distribution point of view, m4-common sounds like more of a pain than gnome-common has become, and I do not look forward to trying to drag it through a package review (for a distribution where autoconf-archive is already packaged).

The plan going forward would be to add m4-common to jhbuild as a
dependency of the modules that want to start using the new macros.  If a
macro from autoconf-archive becomes popular enough that several GNOME
modules are using it, we could add it to m4-common.

Using m4-common as a bootstrap module for use in jhbuild seems like a good way to reduce the large number of macros in autoconf-archive, as long as someone is willing to curate it. The size of autoconf-archive is of no concern to me, so I am not volunteering. ;-)


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