Release code names

Hi all,

I'm working on the release notes for 3.18, and I will also be working
on release promotion. During GUADEC, the board and Release Team agreed
to name September release after the GUADEC host city, and each March
release after the GNOME.Asia host city.

I have some questions about this:

1. Is the name meant to be just a code name, used to describe
development releases, or is it to be used for the final released
version also?

2. If we intend to use the name for the public release, how do we
expect the name to be formed? Is it "GNOME Gothenburg", "GNOME 3.18:
Gothenburg", "GNOME 3.18, also known as "Gothenburg", or some other

3. It has been brought to my attention that GNOME.Asia is typically
held after the March release. Any ideas for how to deal with that?

I'll be away for a while, so feel free to resolve these questions in
my absence. ;)


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