Re: [evolution] String freeze break approval plea

2014-10-08 12:06 GMT+02:00 Milan Crha <mcrha redhat com>:
I'd like to ask for a string freeze break approval for evolution-3-12
branch (evolution 3.12.x is shipped with GNOME 3.14) for a change to
add .metainfo.xml files for junk filtering plugins, thus they would be
shown as addons in GNOME Software, in case distribution packagers pack
them in a separate packages. I committed the change into the master
branch already [1], it contains 4 new strings.

I added similar files to evolution-ews and evolution-mapi too, but it
was simpler there, because I used already existing translated strings.
        Thanks and bye,


i18n 2/2 here.

Next time please try to copy the new strings in your email so we don't
have to look them up. :-)

Alexandre Franke

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