Re: String freeze break request for gnome-initial-setup

I'm a committer of Chinese simplified team.

Ping ? Can we get a yay or nay on this from the translators ?
I don't know how many Gnome translators have subscribed the i18n list.
Maybe they prefer be silent, I'm personally a little unhappy
with your messages again and again to break string freeze.

I'm hesitant to approve this. Many translation teams have not yet
finished updating translations for 3.12, and we have only a couple of
days left. Maybe other coordinators feel different.

Actually short after the scheduled string freeze, our zh_CN team have
finished 3.12 translation. But since then, you developers are keeping
changing strings.
Though easy to update and commit, I personally decide to wait for the
silence of your mails before fixing them.
Yes we translator should follow your pace. But can your work be more
predictable? If the release schedule is something to break so freely,
why do you set that?
And, before the string freeze, for a long time, I saw few string
change announcements. I don't know if it's a habit to leave the string
changes to the last minutes?

I do think there should be better communication between developers and
translation teams (at least team coordinators) here. For example, give
a banner on top of Damned Lies
 about your activities, plans and instructions for translation (please
translate after MM/DD, translate xx branch now, etc.)

Just my personal opinion.

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