Re: Approval request: String additions to 'tracker.master'

Hi Martyn

I tend to agree with Piotr on this, we can consider these strings as
forgotten to be marked. This case does not need to be approved.
Improving the text during fixing does not change the big picture: the
program was saying something not translatable.

Gabor Kelemen

2014-03-17 16:26 keltezéssel, Martyn Russell írta:
Hello all,

I've managed to push a commit to tracker's master branch which breaks
the string freeze rules.

I've been discussing the rules with the gnome-i18n mailing list already
to find out if this is strictly breaking the rules or not. Details on
the existing discussion here:

Can I have a formal approval or rejection please, preferable the former :)

To give some additional context, the strings are for tracker-extract,
which is NEVER run on the command line (where these strings are used)
unless someone is debugging. Normally tracker-extract is called via DBus
from other processes and automatically started. So this change is a
corner case at best.


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