Re: qqwing as GNOME Sudoku depencency

On Thu, 2014-07-24 at 23:31 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
Could you please elaborate a bit what your judgement that it's faster
and more reliable is based on? (Even if a small library, I wonder how
well that code is tested if it's not packaged by major distros.)

We're hoping that depending on qqwing will allow us to close these bugs,
which would otherwise be difficult to solve:

We'll also close these related bugs:

The qqwing project is almost 10 years old and is solely dedicated to
Sudoku generation, whereas none of the GNOME Sudoku maintainers (myself
and Parin) are Sudoku generation experts. Most notably, our generator
sometimes creates unsolvable puzzles (and also solves them :). I'm also
hoping qqwing will be better at rating puzzles' difficulty, though we
can't know for sure until we release and get feedback from users. We
already have a good relationship with qqwing upstream (they accepted a
significant patch from us recently) so we can get changes merged if we
do run into problems.

qqwing can generate over 100 Sudoku puzzles per second on my machine,
whereas our current generator sometimes take a couple seconds to
generate a single puzzle (this is unscientific, yes, and that is due to
some bug we haven't found, but that's the point).

If we need to wait until 3.16, that's not a big deal, it'd just be nice
to close those bugs prior to 3.14, since 3.14 is a major
rewrite/redesign and it'd be great for it to make as good a first
impression as possible.

qqwing upstream distributes an RPM and a deb, so many distros already
have a good starting point for their packages.  Also it has no
dependencies. :)



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