Re: Freeze exceptions for gnome-maps

Hi Jonas, Dario, Damián,

I would like to request freeze-exceptions for geatures implemented by
GSoC students.

One is a conversion of the popup that describes a location to
GtkPopover. And this has reached accepted-commit(-after-freeze)

And the other is the addition of via points to the routing search.
Which is under heavy review atm and will probably be acceptable

Both add a bit more than that. The marker/gtkpopover patch-set adds an
infrastrucutre for content rich map bubbles as well as some

And the via points patch adds the possibility of pressing the
instructions in the routing list and get a GtkPopover on that
location. And also adds distance and time estimations.

I will append some screenshots. One of the current ui with todays
master and the rest showing how things look with these patches

It would be nice if you could point to bugzilla entries, so we can
estimate the impact of those changes.

You should also notify gnome-doc-list@ in your freeze requests.

As those changes probably introduce new strings, you will have to
announce them to the gnome-i18n@ list.

See for reference.


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