Re: qqwing as GNOME Sudoku depencency

On Thu, 2014-07-24 at 14:17 -0500, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
Hi release team,

For 3.13.90 we want GNOME Sudoku to depend on qqwing for puzzle
generation. qqwing is a faster and more reliable Sudoku puzzle
than the one currently implemented by GNOME Sudoku.

It's not currently packaged by major distros, but it's small and has

The project homepage is  We would be
depending on the C++ library, not the Java jar.


Michael and Parin

Hi release team,

Can I get a go/no-go decision on the qqwing dependency please? I'll
announce it on the distributor list if approved. If not, we'll branch
sudoku 3.14 from gnome-3-12 (sad but not a huge deal), since after we
started replacing our generator with qqwing we noticed it has been
disabled since the port to Vala and just recycling a few pregenerated
puzzles over and over. :(

Also, please confirm if I can add qqwing to the gnome-apps moduleset.


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