Re: Hard code freeze break for GNOME Photos

2014-04-02 20:59 keltezéssel, Piotr Drąg írta:
2014-04-02 20:56 GMT+02:00 Ekaterina Gerasimova <kittykat3756 gmail com>:
On 21 March 2014 22:37, Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net> wrote:
On Sat, 2014-03-22 at 03:41 +0530, Aruna S wrote:
The following two patches need to be considered for the freeze break:

Patch to include the Help button in the UI, this introduces a UI Change

Patch that contains translations of the "_Help" string in all the
languages that Photos is translated to currently:

With my release-team hat on I will not give this a +1 for 3.12.0.
(Anybody is free to overrule me, of course.)

We are now about 72 hours away from 3.12.0 tarball creation.
The proposed commit touches packaging and is a functionality enhancement
(in contrast to e.g. a crasher bugfix). And after merging this patch,
the "help" git branch of gnome-photos would still have to get merged.

I would love to see this included for 3.12.1 though, if translators are
okay with the one new string ("_Help") which can be taken from existing
GTK+ translations, as in above patch by Aruna.

Ping, is there any chance that we could push this in for 3.12.1? It's
ready to go and I've made sure that both the build system patch and
translations of the new string apply cleanly on top of the 3.12

Sure, 1/2 from i18n.

2/2, gogogo! :)

Gabor Kelemen

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