Overview of changes since NetworkManager-

This is a prerelease of an upcoming stable release of NetworkManager.
Notable changes include:

* Fixed two problems that could result in gnome-shell showing
  incorrect icons. (In particular, fixed the problem where the network
  icon would disappear when certain VPNs were activated.)
* Dispatcher scripts now receive correct IPv6 addresses, and also
  correct DHCP information on lease-change events.
* NetworkManager no longer tries to start ModemManager itself on
  systemd-using systems
* Activating a second ethernet connection while another is already
  active will now not move the default route.
* Fixed some edge cases where one user could deactivate a connection
  owned by another.
* Fix handling of dhcp-send-hostname property with ifcfg-rh
* DHCP now works even if you have a global dhclient.conf that
  specifies a (non-NetworkManager) script to run
* The dhcpcd backend now requests that dhcpcd only do DHCPv4, fixing
  some WWAN devices that don't react well to seeing IPv6 packets.
* Fixed the default value of bridge priority
* The D-Bus policy file has been updated to include the
  NetworkManager-iodine VPN plugin
* It is possible to specify the path to dnsmasq at build time
* Removed a GLib 2.32 dependency that accidentally snuck into
* Fixed a bunch of memory leaks
* Fixed a bunch of miscellaneous crashes
* Removed some less-useful bits of logging output

======== (1.92M)
  sha256sum: 65fca0d4f5cbd3d75843ef3062bbdbee5175ad08ae38da6569dbd8422bf8c27a

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