Re: gnome-terminal bug #695757

CC'ing gnome-doc-list to check if terminal user docs are affected.

On Fri, 2013-03-15 at 18:44 +0100, Christian Persch wrote:
Am Fri, 15 Mar 2013 18:36:25 +0100
schrieb Olav Vitters <olav vitters nl>:

On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 06:05:00PM +0100, Christian Persch wrote:
during 3.7 the "New terminal" menu entries were removed from
gnome-terminal's context menu. However, planned work that would have
added a way to create a new terminal to the app menu hasn't happened
yet. Since it's the minimal-impact fix for 3.8, I'd like to just
revert the commit [2]. It's a small UI change, so I ask for
approval here.

approval 1/2

I assume no l10n impact...

Right, all strings still existed (the commit only removed the menu
entries, not the GtkAction or the code backing it).

Might have docs impact; not sure if the context menu is documented.

r-t approval 2 of 2.

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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